Hill Training


Why do hill training?

It is important to begin your training program with some base mileage so that you will be ready for hill training. Hill training provides a period of transition to build strength since hills strengthen running muscles while they are running.


Hill running strengthens the main driving muscles in our legs (quadriceps, hamstrings and especially the calf muscles) while building our running fitness and endurance. Hill training usually lasts four to six weeks. The MDRA marathon training program includes four weeks of hill training. Over this time, you will notice how your running fitness improves and how much easier it will be to run hills.  


Form for hill training

When you run a hill workout you should focus on your form:


Form for running up hills

  • Keep your head and chest up
  • Look straight ahead
  • Keep your shoulders back
  • Don’t bend at the waist and hunch over
  • Keep your hands and fists loose
  • Run an even effort as your pace will slow as you go uphill
  • Push up and off the hill, springing from your toes


Form for running down hills

  • Keep your torso upright
  • Look straight ahead
  • Step softly, don’t let your feet slap the pavement
  • Use the downhill as a place to catch your breath