Kelly Tabara started running in October 2001 at age 32 to check off an important “Bucket List” item – the marathon. After running the 2002 Twin Cities Marathon, long distance running quickly became a lot more than a Bucket List item. Kelly continued running marathons and then expanded her running to include ultra marathons and a few years of Triathlons. To date Kelly has run over 75 marathons, ultra marathons of 50K to 100 miles and an Ironman triathlon. Kelly considers marathons and 50 mile events to be her favorite. For 2018 Kelly is training for a 100 mile race in June and is 39 States into a 50 States Marathon quest that she will complete at the end of the summer. Kelly is a long-time MDRA member, past coach and team leader and is excited to bring her energy and experience to the MDRA Women’s Running Camp and Trail Running Program.