Using Long Runs as a Dress Rehearsal


As we begin to "settle in" with the Saturday long run distances, take note of what works and doesn’t work for you. Keep in mind that your long run is your dress rehearsal for race day. They give you an opportunity to learn where you chafe, when you bonk, what flavor/brand of energy gels makes you gag, what socks cause blisters, etc. before race day. Your race may be months away, but the more you rehearse the better you will be prepared.


We say “Dress Rehearsal” because Saturdays now and going forward are your opportunities to mimic EXACTLY what you plan to do in your fall marathon. Whatever you’re going to wear for your marathon (clothes and shoes), wear it. Same with food, fluids, sleep - EVERYTHING! The most successful runners mirror their performance conditions with their practice conditions.


A mantra you may hear the coaches saying quite often is "nothing new on race day." This includes clothing, food, nutrition, the list goes on. During the 18 to 20 mile long runs (depending on the calendar you are following) you will have the opportunity to conduct your own "experiment" and introduce variables to your training to see how each affects your performance. Trust us on this - nothing new on race day! If you have questions about your long run preparation, please talk to your coaches.